Just 4 Life Nano CBD Pet Tincture

  • Third-Party Laboratory Tested to Ensure Quality & Safety
  • Isolated Nano Hemp Extract
  • Increased Bio-Availability for Faster Absorption
  • Pesticide & Fungicide Free


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Just 4 Life Nano CBD Pet Tincture contains 160mg of nano CBD and 960mg of BE in each 4oz bottle. With a bioavailability of 98%, these drops are one of our best selling products. These drops are encapsulated in alkaline water and utilize nano technology, enhancing the effects of CBD. 5mg of the CBD in this bottle is equivalent to 30mg of CBD in other CBD products that do not utilize nano technology.

To Use: Add to food, water, or apply it straight to the tongue of your pet.

Ingredients: Alkaline Water, Nano CBD Hemp Extract



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