SBCBD – 1:1 CBD/CBG Hemp Elixir

  • Organic, Non-GMO & Vegan Friendly!
  • Laboratory Tested by a Third Party for Safety & Consistency
  • Made in the USA


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SBCBD Hemp Elixir With Cbd/Cbg Contains 5,000Mg To 10,000Mg Of Broad Spectrum Cbd In Each 50Ml Bottle. This Tincture Comes With A Measured Glass Dropper For Easy And Accurate Dosing. Each Dropper Has Marks At 25Mg, 50Mg, 75Mg, And 100Mg.

Lab Tested In A State-Certified Laboratory In California And Made In Santa Barbara.

The Combination Of Cbd (Cannabidiol) And Cbg (Cannabigerol) Has Emerged As A Remarkable Duo In The World Of Cannabinoids, With The Potential To Unlock A New Level Of Therapeutic Benefits. As The Research On These Compounds Progresses, The Cbd+cbg Combination Continues To Capture Attention For Its Synergistic Effects And Holistic Wellness Applications. In This Comprehensive Guide, We Delve Into The Dynamic Interaction Of Cbd And Cbg, Shedding Light On Their Potential Benefits And Uses, While Providing Valuable Insights Into Their Positive Impact On Overall Well-being.

Enhanced Pain Relief And Anti-inflammatory Effects:

Combined Analgesic Properties Of Cbd And Cbg, Offering Potentially More Robust Pain Management And Reduced Inflammation.
Discuss The Interaction Of Cbd+cbg With The Endocannabinoid System, Which May Help Alleviate Chronic Pain, Migraines, And Inflammatory Conditions.
Mood Regulation And Anxiety Relief:

Cbd+cbg Combination May Work Synergistically To Provide A Heightened Sense Of Calmness And Alleviate Symptoms Of Anxiety, Stress, And Depression.
Discuss Their Potential Effects On Neurotransmitter Regulation And The Modulation Of Serotonin Receptors.
Neuroprotective Effects And Cognitive Function:

Cbd+cbg To Support Brain Health And Protect Against Neurodegenerative Diseases Like Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s.
Discuss Their Antioxidant And Anti-inflammatory Properties, Which May Help Reduce Oxidative Stress And Promote Cognitive Function.
Sleep Support And Relaxation:

Combined Potential Of Cbd And Cbg To Promote Restful Sleep, Relieve Insomnia, And Improve Sleep Quality.
Discuss Their Calming Effects On The Nervous System And Their Potential To Regulate Sleep-wake Cycles.
Digestive Health And Appetite Regulation:

To Use: Consume 0.25Ml To 1Ml Sublingually As Needed. For Best Results, Place The Oil Under Tongue And Hold For 15-30 Seconds, Then Swallow.

Ingredients: Organic Mct Oil, Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract, Natural Mint Flavor.

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10000mg, 5000mg


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