The Smoking Hippie – 2 King Size CBD Pre-Rolls

  • Third Party Lab Tested To Ensure Quality And Safety
  • Contains Less Than 0.3% THC
  • Organic, Pesticide Free, And Non GMO
  • Cannabis Derived Terpenes Means Great Taste
  • Contains 2 (Full Gram) Joints
  • 2 Strains Available!
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Hemp Smoking Is Not A New Concept; Rather, It Is An Ancient Concept That Has Been Reinvented. Prior To The 1937 Hemp Prohibition, We Did Smoke A Lot Of Hemp. We Everybody Turned To Tobacco Goods When The Prohibition Ended Since They Were Legal.

Hemp Is Now Legal, And We May Finally Return To Our Smoking Origins. Smoking High-Quality Hemp Retains The Advantages Of The Cannabinoid Cbd, Which May Be Highly Soothing Without The Euphoric Effects Of Thc. Hemp Smoking Is A Wonderfully Soothing Experience That Is Ideal For The Beginning, Middle, Or Finish Of The Day.

Each Smoking Hippie Hemp Pre-Roll Has Two – 1 Gram Pre-Rolls, For A Total Of 2 Full Grams Of High Grade Fresh Hemp Flower.

Each Smoking Hippie Hemp Pre Roll Comes With Two – 1 Gram Pre-Rolls Coming To 2 Full Grams Of High Quality Fresh Hemp Flower. We Clean All The Hemp Carefully, And Remove All Sticks And The Seeds. All Of The Hemp Is Finely Ground, And Packed Into The Pre-Rolls Using An Exclusive Method That Prevents An Uneven Burn And A Smooth Smoking Experience.

We Meticulously Clean All Of The Hemp And Remove All Of The Sticks And Seeds. All Of The Hemp Is Finely Crushed And Put Into The Pre-Rolls Using An Innovative Procedure That Ensures A Smooth Smoking Experience And Prevents An Uneven Burn.

Available Pre Rolls:


Sour Space Candy


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Lifter, Sour Space Candy

1 review for The Smoking Hippie – 2 King Size CBD Pre-Rolls

  1. lmrggdhotuw

    Great deal. These pre-rolls are a great companion for anywhere you go.

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