Remedista – “The Wife” CBD Pre-Roll

  • Third Party Laboratory Tested to ensure quality and safety
  • Tests at 15% CBD
  • Robust terpene and flavor profile for your enjoyment
  • Diverse Cannabinoid Profile to achieve entourage effect
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Hemp derived CBD one gram cone pre-roll that smokes like a calming flower. Packed with locally grown organic hemp flower, the tasting profile contains hints of cherry, herbal, sweet, and earthy. This preroll contains 15% CBD, good for sleep, calming, anxiety and depression. Third Party Laboratory tested for fungicides, insecticides, and heavy metals, this product has passed al certifications with flying colors.


Contains: CBG (0.56%), CBC (0.95%), CBDV (0.04%), CBDA (17%), CBCA (0.98%), THCA (0.57%), CBGA (0.56%), CBDVA (0.05%)

Total Cannabinoids: 20.08%

1 review for Remedista – “The Wife” CBD Pre-Roll

  1. lmrggdhotuw

    My favorite! I love this bubba kush preroll and they always have great consistence and are hand rolled!

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