Remedista – “La Blanca” CBG Pre-Roll

  • Third Party Laboratory Tested to Ensure Quality and Safety
  • Testing at 18% CBG
  • Robust Terpene, Cannabinoid and Flavor profile for your enjoyment
  • Diverse Cannabinoid Profile for entourage effect


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“La Blanca” CBG Preroll is hemp derived CBG, containing one gram of locally grown organic hemp flower. The tasting profile has hints of skunk, cilantro, and gas. This preroll contains 18% CBG, good fto fight inflammation, pain, and nausea. This preroll is third -party laboratory tested for fungicides, insecticides, and heavy metals, this product has passed al certifications with flying colors.


Contains: CBGA (17.95%), CBCA (0.35%), CBG (0.14%), THCA (0.13%), CBC (0.06%), CBDA (0.06%)

Total Cannabinoids: 18.76%, (187.669 mg/g)


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