Vaital Organics – CBD & Nutritional Supplement

  • Vegan, Non-GMO, and Gluten FREE
  • Third Party Lab Tested for Quality and Safety
  • Pesticide and Heavy Metal Free
  • Isolated Hemp Extract


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Vaital Organics SUPERCHARGE Nutritional Supplement contains 100mg of hemp isolate CBD in a 3.5oz bag, with 10 servings in each bag coming out to 10mg of CBD. Looking for a better alternative to your current workout enhancer, stress reliever, or caffeinated beverage? This blend is what you’re looking for!

This superfood blend is formulated to better mood, increase energy, and fuel your body for the day with an extra boost of nutrition. Made with anti-oxidizing and phytonutrient adaptogens, herbs, and medicinal mushrooms assist your body in adjusting to exercise strain while giving you an extra boost of energy.

Full of ingredients sourced from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and the USA, this mix can be added to any beverage with breakfast, as a pre-workout, or a post-workout!

To Use: Use as a nutritional supplement, blend or shake 1 level scoop use the scooper in the bag into 8oz of any liquid. Mix with your favorite non-dairy milk or add it to your smoothie (recipe on back of bag). To use as a pre-workout, consume 30 minutes before a workout or intense activity. To use as a post-workout, consume after exercise to kickstart muscle recovery.

Ingredients: Maca Root*, Full Spectrum Cordyceps*, Full Spectrum Reishi*, Matcha Green Tea*, Goji Berry Juice*, Dehydrated Vermont Maple Syrup*, Fair Trade Cocoa*, Marshmallow Root*, Fine Vanilla Bean*, Red Dulse*, Celtic Sea Salt*, Cannabidiol.


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