Remedi – CBD Flavored Diffuser

  • CBD isolate
  • All natural
  • True water vapor


  • Minty Watermelon
  • Vanilla Green Tea
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The Remedi diffuser pen comes in two flavors, minty watermelon/ylang-ylang and green tea/vanilla. This pen is infused with 125mg of CBD isolate and flavored with essential oil waters. Each pen contains 300 puffs of all natural, true water vapor. These pens do not contain any nicotine or other addictive chemicals. These CBD pens are also perfect for curbing cravings.

Contains 125mg of CBD isolate. Includes essential oils and organic flavors like organic mint, rose, ylang ylang, and watermelon to awaken, refresh, heal, rejuvenate, and lift mood.

To use: Inhale the vapor into the mouth slowly. The light at the bottom of the pen begins to light up to indicate that it is working. A full puff is 8 seconds long, it will turn off when this time is reached. Once the entire pen has been used, dispose of responsibly.

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Minty Watermelon, Vanilla Green Tea


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