Sunny Skies CBD – 1500mg Morning Drops w/ Limonene

  • Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Means Product is THC FREE
  • Laboratory Tested To Ensure A Quality And Pesticide Free Product
  • Highly Potent at 1500mg, the recommended dose is 1-50mg / dose.
  • Contains Natural Limonene And MCT Oil from Coconut to increase energy and promote weight loss.
  • This Product Is Administered Sublingually, Having A Higher Absorption Rate Through The Mucous Membrane.


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Sunny Skies CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Oil with 1500mg per bottle.

Ingredients: Broad-Spectrum CBD Distillate, MCT Oil from Coconut, Limonene Terpene Isolate

Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains all of the naturally-occurring compounds that are found in the cannabis plant. This tincture is unflavored and contains MCT Oil from Coconut and Limonene terpene that is commonly associated with citrus, however, it can also be found in a variety of marijuana strains. for added benefits. MCT Oil can help manage epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and autism. Limonene is used in treatment for obesity, cancer, and bronchitis

Recommended dosage: Fill Pippet to 1ml mark, place under tongue and hold for 60-90 seconds before swallowing. 1 ml is equal to 50mg of CBD oil.

Sunny Skies CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Weighs 1 fl oz.


MCT Oil From Coconut, Limonene terpene isolate, Cannabis extract

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Lemon – Limonene terpene, Peppermint


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