CBD Luxe – CBD Infused Inhaler

  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Organic, & Pesticide Free
  • No Heavy Metals or Solvents
  • Third-Party Lab Tested For Quality & Safety


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A CBD inhaler is a safe delivery method that provides precision dosing. Because the inhalers use micellized CBD, the CBD molecules are formulated into a solution to ensure that every spray contains exactly the same dose. This cutting edge method ensures you know you will always be in control of the dosage. In addition to precision dosing, using CBD inhalers means faster uptake of the CBD into your system than other methods so you feel the effects almost immediately.

CBD Luxe oil inhalers are available in a variety of options, depending if you are looking to clear your head, get energized, promote health, or calm down and relax. At CBD Luxe, only premium ingredients that are grown organically and sustainably are use. Choose from pure full spectrum hemp oil or a blend including organic extracts such as spearmint, homey, lemon, green, tea, lavender, and chamomile to enhance the anti-inflammatory, anti-spasm, anti-nausea, or anti-anxiety properties.

We are very conscious about our customers and the environment, so our production processes are sustainable with minimized ecological impact. All CBD LUXE products are derived from organic non-GMO hemp, so you can be sure that no dangerous herbicides or pesticides have been used in the growing process.

How to Use: CBD inhalers are very similar to asthma inhalers in the way they are used. Simply place your lips on the mouthpiece, press down on the top of the inhaler to spray, and inhale the spray into your lungs. Exhale and repeat as necessary.


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